Student's Comments: 


"Mrs. Tanner is truly a blessing! She helped me so much preparing for Agent Review and she is a joy! I met her in the bathroom at Page Parkes and from there on our bond had started! haha!!"

Mandy Dao - jr. high student


"Mrs. Tanner has been coaching me ever since I was nine years old (5 years). Mrs. Tanner is an amazing acting coach, she brought out the best in me, she helped me build my confidence level. She made acting fun for me and does for everyone she works with!"
Precious Morris - Represented by Trinity Talent and Page Parkes Talent
"Mrs. Tanner is the first person who ever directed me in a show for community theater.  She was so kind and encouraging which really made an impact on me because I was just a beginnning actress. It's been such a long time since I did a show with her, but I still think of that show as one of my favorite acting experiences."
Madison McAllister - studying for BFA at Texas State University

"Cheryl is a delight to train with! She created a comfortable environment that allowed me to take direction and put it into my performance. I felt liberated, prepared and enabled to bring my acting to the next level."

Ben Layman - recently moved to L.A. to work in the industry

"Cheryl truly taught me how to come out of my shell and see that the more vulnerable and open to yourself that you are, the further you will go.  I was closed off and scared of making mistakes and being perfect until I worked with her.  She taught me that even your mistakes are great choices at some point, because they can bring out great new ways to view your role.  She is the first person I call or talk to when I need advice on a role."
Madeline McDonald - Country music star in Nashville

"Mrs. Tanner always makes learning fun! We feel like we are playing while we are working on our acting skills. She directed me in four plays

and produced a play I co-wrote.

Riley Noon- 10 years old

Hill Country Elementary Thespian